Call for new Chair of the Associate Members' Group

Hi Associates

That time has come around when the post of Chair of the Associate Members' Group has come up for re-election.

I ‘parachuted’ in to the role as Chair when the previous post-holder stepped down. We currently have an enthusiastic Committee who are developing exciting ideas to energise the Associate membership to make sure we are supporting BSPGHAN in the best way we can.

Unfortunately, we are working in a climate of ever increasing financial and time pressures which make it more difficult to get study leave and funding to attend meetings. I’m sure, like me, Associates plan study leave for the most relevant meetings and those that for into a tight budget. Having said all of that being part of a BSPGHAN Committee can be very rewarding, meeting new people, learning about how the Society operates (plus it also looks good on a CV!).

I would be very grateful for this role to be promoted through your teams and encourage Associates to come forward.  A copy of the Roles and Responsibilities of the Chair of the Associates Group can be downloaded here

I look forward to hearing from you.


Nicky Heather

Chair of the Associates

Associates (Allied Health Professionals)

The associate group has members across a wide variety of specialities including specialist nurses, dietitians, speech and language therapists and psychologists. The associates are represented by a committee who also participate in the planning of the annual BSPGHAN ATM programme and contributes to the BSPGHAN Annual meetings. The associates have representatives on the working groups and the committee meet throughout the year.

Kay Crook
Associates Chair 2013 - 2015

Associates Committee: (Information correct as of July 2019)

Nicky Heather, Chair:  Nicky is a part-time dietitian based at Southampton General Hospital. 

Jo Brind (Secretary)

Chris Smith (Ordinary member):  Chris has 10 years paediatric dietetic experience and has covered a variety of specialities but his main interests/current roles are in gastroenterology and cystic fibrosis. He is currently based at the Children's Hospital in Brighton and is a key member of the Hospital MDT nutrition round team.  He has a keen interest in research and has published and presented his work at many international events. He is also a committee member of the Nutrition group of the European Cystic Fibrosis Society and is leading a European data collection study on behalf of the group.

Lindsay Hogg (2018 - 2021):  Team Leader for the Clinical Nurse Specialists at Birmingham Women's and Children's Hospital, Liver Unit, Birmingham.

Education lead (Vacant)

Sarah Macdonald (Nutrition Working Group): Sarah has worked at Great Ormond Street Hospital for over 20 years and has covered most specialties in that time! Her main interests are fixed firmly in gastroenterology and intestinal failure and she has led the dietetic team providing care for these patients for 15 years. She was a committee member of the Associate Group for 4 years (2009-2012) as well as representing Dietetics on the IBD Working Group (2003-2007) and the Nutrition Working Group (from 2007) of BSPGHAN. She teaches on Module 2 and 3 of the MSc in Paediatric Dietetic Courses and on the MSc in Clinical and Public Health Nutrition at University College London. She is also co-course director for the GOSH Parenteral Nutrition Course that runs annually in the ICH.

Angela Cole (Nutrition Working Group):  Nurse Specialist

Tracey Johnson and Lynn Hagin (Nutrition Working group):  Dietitians

Sophie Velleman (Coeliac Working Group) (2019 - 2022):  Clinical Psychologist, Bristol Children's Hospital

Janis Maginnis and Sibongile Chadokufa (Specialist Nurse Reps) IBD Working Group

Call for New AHP Members for ESPGHAN - for full details view flyer

Members Resource

The wealth of specialist knowledge within the group is a key resource and this is accessible to colleagues across the UK to share information and good practice. We encourage communication and networking through an email service where questions can be shared around the whole group. Members are welcome to submit queries and this service is coordinated and accessed via the associates secretary.

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Useful Websites

Paediatric Stoma nurses group  (
Royal College of Speech and language therapists (

Associate and Trainee Members' Meeting 2019:

Past TiPGHAN-AM programmes

2019 (London) /documents/ATM 2rd and May 2019 London
2017 (Sheffield) Final Programme
2016 (Liverpool) Final Programme
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