Useful Information for PGHAN Trainees

Copy of curriculum from RCPCH website available here. Also available on the NHS eportfolio.
Copy of endoscopy curriculum- please see the endoscopy working group page for the most up-to-date information.

Learning resources:
 SPIN modules - aimed at trainees with an interest but could be useful for specialist trainees as well.
 UEGW - on line endoscopy training, e learning training modules, mini courses and case of the month.

Useful websites:
CICRA/NACC/Children's Liver disease Foundation/Coeliac UK- good for patient and family information, NACC has really useful patient information sheets and guide for teachers.
NICE - standards on biological use.

Endoscopy training:

Dr Kwang Yang Lee has been appointed as new Trainee Reprepresentative on the Endoscopy Working Group. 


JAG/JETS- JETS is the website where all endoscopies should be logged so trainee and trainer should be registered. Endoscopy DOPS should be logged on here and used for demonstrating development of skills in endoscopy. JAG useful to explain background and offers adult courses, paper copies of DOPs forms and information on assessment.


(see the Meetings and Courses pages for full details)

Specific Courses to attend:

  • Upper GI endoscoy course, Sheffield
  • Ileocolonoscopy course, Sheffield
  • Interventional endoscopy course, Sheffield (Run annually)
  • Wireless capsule endoscopy course
  • IBD training academy- management training suitable for final year trainees
  • BSG education weekend- run annually aimed at adult trainees, cheap and interesting topics
  • RCPCH- How to manage courses- previous topics include nutrition
  • Courses are run at GOS/ICH which we are offered a discounted rate
  • ESPGHAN summer school
  • Practical PN and Intestinal Rehabilitation course held annually at UCL