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CSAC GRID Applications

Important Dates:
Applications open
Friday 11th September and will close Friday 2nd October 2015.
Interviews will be on Thursday December 3rd 2015.

Confirmation of eligibility forms: The form is available for trainees on the RCPCH website and the website explains who to send it to.  Forms must be received  by Friday 18th September 2015, allowing 2 weeks for completion of the form by the October 2nd closing date.

Please check the expenses policy with your deanery in advance of an interview.

For Grid coordinators and grid supervisors

The deadline for receiving programme submission to the RCPCH from the PD’s at the deaneries is Friday 21st August 2015.

Please identify all posts in your rotation(s) which are to be submitted for inclusion in the NTN grid pool for 2016.

These posts must be approved for sub speciality training by the GMC, fully funded and vacant from September 2016 onwards.

Please be sure which posts will be linked together for the individual programme and make sure that you contact links in other centres/ deaneries and confirm availability of posts in the whole rotation.  A job description and timetable should be available for every placement in each deanery.

Each post should receive approval from the CSAC Chair prior to submission to the grid.

If you have any queries about the process or your application or eligibility, in the first instance , please do check  the RCPCH website for guidance.

Sue Protheroe CSAC@BSPGHAN.org.uk

CSAC Chair


President's Update

Dear Members

On behalf of the Glasgow team and myself I am delighted to be able to announce that the 2019 ESPGHAN meeting will be held in Glasgow.

A beautifully organised publicity campaign (kilts, piper at dawn, whisky etc.) caught the imagination of the ESPGHAN membership leading to a landslide decision in Glasgow and BSPGHAN's favour.

This means another opportunity to showcase British clinical and research GHAN work as among the very best internationally. I hope therefore you will all start working towards having great data to present to lift ESPGHAN another step higher with BSPGHAN in the lead.

Unfortunately ESPGHAN members felt two consecutive meetings in the UK and 3 in 7 years would be too much so the London bid was not successful although it was a close run decision.

I would therefore like to congratulate Richard Russell and Richard Hansen on behalf of the society and offer them the fullest support of BSPGHAN to ensure that ESPGHAN 2019 will be the international triumph it deserves to be.

A fantastic achievement!


Dr Alastair Baker MB ChB MBA FRCP FRCPCH

Consultant Paediatric Hepatologist

King's College Hospital

BSPGHAN President

Responsible Officer

Also email alastair.baker@nhs.net



Dear Members

BSPGHAN Council would like to thank Simon Murch for the 2015 Annual Meeting held in Stratford on Avon this year.

Simon and the local organising team devised an excellent educational programme for the members, collaborating with the Neonatologistst and Immunologists on Friday.  We had talks from national and international experts throughout the meeting.

The venue was an ideal choice, located in the heart of Stratford and accessible to all with memorable social events.

The meeting once again was supported by our industry partners without whose support the meeting could not take place. 

In accordance with BSPGHAN constitution Simon, as local organiser, was offered a share of the surplus which he has very kindly agreed to donate back to the society.

BSPGHAN council would like to extend a very warm thank you to Simon for his generosity as this will ensure that BSPGHAN has financial stability to meet its aims and objectives over the next 12 months.

Please join us in thanking Simon not only for an excellent meeting but also for his generosity in donating his share of the surplus back to the society

Best wishes


Dr Alastair Baker MB ChB MBA FRCP FRCPCH

Consultant Paediatric Hepatologist

King's College Hospital

BSPGHAN President

Responsible Officer

Also email alastair.baker@nhs.net