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President's Update

  I am pleased to be able to confirm that the new executive consisting as ever of the Convener (Nadeem Afzal) and the Treasurer (Girish Gupte) have soon found their feet and the transition has been delightfully smooth. Society business is as usual!
  The Society has had a long-standing commitment to setting service standards and attempting to ensure high standards are commissioned for patients. We had agreed to form a Commissioning WG, but it is clear that such is the confusion that has beset specialist commissioning that we would be better to define high standards and effective pathways in the context of working according to network principles and look for opportunities to engage commissioners when they begin to make progress and are looking for quick wins. We are therefore looking for an commisioning-experienced and authoratitive WG lead. A JD and call will be sent out soon.
  The recent BSPGHAN Associates and Trainee's meeting in Cardiff was successful and valued by trainees. Along with the Associate's Chair (Mick Cullen) and Trainee's Chair (Fiona Cameron), our Education WG chair Rafeeq Muhammed has reviewed the sequence of meetings and a slightly modified structure will be employed for the next 3 years. The meeting has a new name 'BSPGHAN Associates and Trainees Meeting'. The valued contribution of our Associate Member colleagues will be more strongly represented in their parallel sessions.
  As everyone knows, the annual meeting on 28th-30th January 2015 and will be hosted by Prof. Simon Murch at the Holiday Inn, Stratford-upon-Avon. The organisation is on time and target for another great meeting. - Submit your abstracts soon on line. Let Simon know if you want to attend the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.
  Financial successes for the society from BSPGHAN and ESPGHAN meetings in London have put us in a very favourable financial position. As a result we can proceed with our third biennial CORE grant call, and I hope that a subsequent call should be possible in 2016-17. We always intended that recurrent sponsoring of research would be a long term goal of the society and I am optimistic that we are on track for success.
  The society has had a mixed history of trying to record nutritional failure to help plan services. The launch of eBANS for children has been delayed due to the special IT needs of children's data. Thanks to Andy Barclay we now believe the various obstacles have been overcome and anticipate a launch this month. We held the second 6 monthly PPP meeting in Cardiff recently where we met with our Charity stakeholders. Apart from collaboration with research funding, they are willing to help with service  standards and guidelines, research governance and PR for the society. Adrian Thomas has stepped down as CSAC chair and has been replaced by Sue Protheroe. We welcome her to this new role and back to Council.
  Following the success of ESPGHAN 2013 at the ExCeL in London we were approached to bid for the FISPGHAN World Congress in 2020. The bid is going ahead. Keep your fingers crossed as the decision will be made at the ESPGHAN meeting in Amsterdam in 2015. This year the BSPGHAN session at the RCPCH national meeting will be on Wednesday 29/4/2015 with abstract deadline 3/12/14. We hope that less conflict with other speciality group will increase attendance and give us more access to trainees whom we hope to be able to attract to the GHN training grid.
  A call has been sent out for a new AM chair, a SPIN or PEGHAN chair, the Endoscopy WG chair, and of course a President Elect. Elections will be held on a on web based link for the first time, considerably saving on time and expense. Please familiarise yourself with the site which is not difficult to use in order to ensure your vote is received and counts. We continue to be deeply grateful to Paul Henderson and his colleague Nick Kennedy for the excellent performance of the website, which they continue to develop with voting and abstract submission facilities. However, we recognise that a workload of this magnitude cannot be borne forever by individuals with many other clinical and personal responsibilities. We will therefore be looking for a professional company to continue their excellent work now that they have set us on the right track.

Alastair Baker
BSPGHAN President
October 2014

Commissioning for units outside of specialist centres

The Service Specification for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition support (PGHN) recently accepted by the Department of Health was written by a team from the British Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition (BSPGHAN) led by Dr. Sue Protheroe. It was written in response to the NHS England consultation on the development of specialised services specifications and other pertinent documents such as the Scope of services that set down which services are specialised. It addressed the design and function of the PGHN services that will be provided by specialist centres to be commissioned by the NHS Commissioning Board (NHSCB) in England. The document advises that there are about 20 specialist PGHN centres in England. To comply with specialist status, such centres will need to demonstrate that they can provide a comprehensive and high quality service which meets and builds on the specified requirements. These centres were considered to be those to fulfil the lead role for the delivery of services in a Managed Clinical Network (MCN).

  The full document is available to download here.

Dr Sue Protheroe
February 2014


Stakeholder Working Group

Dear Members and Colleagues,

Most of you will be aware of the longstanding commitment of BSPGHAN, championed by previous presidents and strongly supported by myself, towards a role in shaping PGHAN clinical service networks, and more recently you will have recognised the Society’s input into commissioning to achieve this form of service delivery for the benefit of patients. The strategy has often been discussed at BSPGHAN council and AGMs, leading to consensus for several successful pieces of work led by a number of committed members of the Society. Particularly in the last 2 years, the contribution to this work on behalf of the Society has added considerably to our prestige, influence and respect.

Having considered what ‘good’ would look like in secondary and tertiary gastroenterology care, and at their interface, the work is now moving to the next key phase of development, when we have recognised a critical opportunity to influence the future of our sub-speciality, leading to a form of service delivery that will allow the full multidisciplinary membership to work together to provide better, patient- centred care. We may even create a model of ‘good’ for  multidisciplinary practice for the future in paediatric specialities and beyond.

This opportunity requires us to develop a small stakeholder working group that will leverage our various influential links and acclaimed achievements to examine and develop the interface of PGHAN with primary care, and to define the standards of care and provision that will be needed to contribute to a commissioned clinical network as it would look at its best in England. Similar models will also applicable in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, although clearly not funded in the same way. In a relatively short timescale, we expect to deliver a report specifying what ‘good’ would look like, to be the expected standard of PGHAN services that our membership could expect, supported by their Trusts and commissioners to provide to patients in association with primary care and other agencies.  The alternative to embarking on this project is to allow the agenda to be set elsewhere, and the form of the service to deliver care to children, that would be less to the advantage of our patients and uninfluenced by experienced PGHAN professionals.

I look forward to the outcome of this work and hope for it to receive the fullest and most active support from the BSPGHAN membership to produce standards of provision that we can all sign up to, recognising that they will make care better for children with PGHAN conditions.

Alastair Baker
BSPGHAN President