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CSAC GRID Applications

Important Dates:
Applications open
Friday 11th September and will close Friday 2nd October 2015.
Interviews will be on Thursday December 3rd 2015.

Confirmation of eligibility forms: The form is available for trainees on the RCPCH website and the website explains who to send it to.  Forms must be received  by Friday 18th September 2015, allowing 2 weeks for completion of the form by the October 2nd closing date.

Please check the expenses policy with your deanery in advance of an interview.

For Grid coordinators and grid supervisors

The deadline for receiving programme submission to the RCPCH from the PD’s at the deaneries is Friday 21st August 2015.

Please identify all posts in your rotation(s) which are to be submitted for inclusion in the NTN grid pool for 2016.

These posts must be approved for sub speciality training by the GMC, fully funded and vacant from September 2016 onwards.

Please be sure which posts will be linked together for the individual programme and make sure that you contact links in other centres/ deaneries and confirm availability of posts in the whole rotation.  A job description and timetable should be available for every placement in each deanery.

Each post should receive approval from the CSAC Chair prior to submission to the grid.

If you have any queries about the process or your application or eligibility, in the first instance , please do check  the RCPCH website for guidance.

Sue Protheroe CSAC@BSPGHAN.org.uk

CSAC Chair

OPCS-4.8 Codes to capture clinical activity

Dear Colleagues,

I am forwarding a request for new OPCS-4.8 codes which the National Casemix office use to capture clinical activity.   They are not interested in experimental or research techniques, but if there are new procedures which have become established clinical practice or developments in previously established techniques/procedures, then we are encouraged to complete the attached proforma (scroll down to find).  You can reply to me, Sue.Beath@nhs.net or Nadeem, convenor@bspghan.org.uk, and we will be happy to collate responses.

with best wishes Sue Beath (BSPGHAN representative on the Expert Working Group for Hepatobiliary and Gastroenterology)

Link Blank OPCS-4 8 Application for Change Requests - v1.0

Link Example OPCS-4 8 Application for Change Requests - v1.0

Dear Members,

As you may or may not be aware the Clinical Classification Service deadline for the receipt of changes for consideration for inclusion in OPCS-4.8 is 1st October 2015. This provides an opportunity to request amendments to labels or new OPCS codes to more accurately capture activity.

Back in 2012, during the request process for OPCS-4.7 codes, the National Casemix Office put a more structured process in place to support you in this process for requesting codes for new techniques or procedures that you are aware of that you believe require new specific OPCS-4.8 codes.

Attached is a proforma, developed by the National Casemix Office, for your completion and also a sample containing information from a previously accepted request for your convenience. We hope to be able to capture as much information as possible about the intervention or procedure on this one form, to avoid having to keep requesting further information from you. This is based on the questions that are to be completed on the online portal but hopefully is a little more informative and the examples on how to complete each section are helpful. Please complete one proforma per code request.

As stated above the closing date for submissions to the Clinical Classification Service portal is the 1st October 2015. This is their final deadline - submissions made after this deadline will not be accepted. Further information in support of a submission after this date will not be accepted, unless they have asked for specific clarification during their authoring process.

Therefore, as we are making the submissions on your behalf by this date, may I ask that you submit your completed request forms by 9th September 2015 via the nco@hscic.gov.uk  mailboxThis should give us time before the deadline to triage your request, collect any further information from you that we feel the Clinical Classification Service may ask for in support of the request and submit the request through the portal.

Please feel free to pass this email onto any colleagues who may wish to complete the proforma. Also if you have any questions about filling in the form, how much detail is required, timescales, scope etc., please emailnco@hscic.gov.uk and we will do our best to help.

Kind regards,

National Casemix Office