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President's Update

Dear Members

On behalf of the Glasgow team and myself I am delighted to be able to announce that the 2019 ESPGHAN meeting will be held in Glasgow.

A beautifully organised publicity campaign (kilts, piper at dawn, whisky etc.) caught the imagination of the ESPGHAN membership leading to a landslide decision in Glasgow and BSPGHAN's favour.

This means another opportunity to showcase British clinical and research GHAN work as among the very best internationally. I hope therefore you will all start working towards having great data to present to lift ESPGHAN another step higher with BSPGHAN in the lead.

Unfortunately ESPGHAN members felt two consecutive meetings in the UK and 3 in 7 years would be too much so the London bid was not successful although it was a close run decision.

I would therefore like to congratulate Richard Russell and Richard Hansen on behalf of the society and offer them the fullest support of BSPGHAN to ensure that ESPGHAN 2019 will be the international triumph it deserves to be.

A fantastic achievement!


Dr Alastair Baker MB ChB MBA FRCP FRCPCH

Consultant Paediatric Hepatologist

King's College Hospital

BSPGHAN President

Responsible Officer

Also email alastair.baker@nhs.net