Dr Himadri Chakraborty, Chair (2019 - 2022) e-mail


Following the PEGHAN annual meeting I'm pleased to say Himadri Chakroborty has launched a PEGHAN What's App Group to communication within the group.

There are some basic rules for the group.

1. The aim is to encourage idea sharing and improve communication.

2. It is not for discussing patients or for specific clinic advice. Discussion about clinical topics eg "do you do DEXA scans for your patients with coeliac disease?"Is fine.

3. Any documents such as checklists guidelines and leaflets etc which are shared are not endorsed by PEGHAN or BSPGHAN and the society is not responsible for content. If documents are adapted or used it is the users responsibility to ensure they are safe and appropriate for use. There is never a replacement for good clinical judgement.

4. We hope that by facilitating communication we can encourage collaboration, share good practice and avoid centres "re-inventing the wheel" when other centres can share information.

5. We are all professionals and would naturally expect polite, constructive posts. Any member posting inappropriate or abusive posts will be removed from the group.

I hope it proves to be a great success!

Thanks Himadri again for setting it up.

Anna Pigott, PEGHAN Chair 2015 - 2018


This curriculum / competency framework is aimed towards paediatrics trainees in Level 3 training (ST6 to ST8) to gain expertise in paediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition (PGHAN), to achieve the required competencies in order to be employed as a consultant paediatrician with an interest in PGHAN. This document gives guidance on specific competencies PGHAN trainees will need to acquire in order to be signed off for this module. Trainees should work closely with their supervisor towards achieving this.

An assessment checklist tailored towards PGHAN will be used (see Appendix 1), with a final sign-off upon successful completion of the module. After successful completion, this document also needs to be uploaded onto e-portfolio. Please note that the trainee also has to achieve all the competencies in the Level 3 General Paediatric Framework. After completion of the SPIN curriculum and successful assessment of competencies, a certification process still to be agreed by the RCPCH is desirable.

Bim Bhaduri
Chair PeGHAN Group
January 2012-2015