Letter to all PGHAN members

I have taken over the reins from Bim Bhaduri as PeGHAN Chair following the Council Meeting at the RCPCH Spring Meeting, Subra Mahedavan-Bava stepped down from standing against me, so an election wasn’t needed in the end after the electronic ballot was declared void. Subra would have made an excellent chair but has taken on other challenges including working on the general paediatric CSAC committee, I hope he will stand in the future. 

I would like to thank Bim for the work he has put in over the last few years, particularly his work on developing the SPIN module for PGHAN. I would like to take the opportunity to remind you all about the SPIN module. Please do take a look at it (available via BSPGHAN website or via the RCPCH website If you feel you can support a trainee and have a team that can offer the experience trainees need then please remind your local regional programme directors of this! Please also encourage interested and suitable trainees to consider a SPIN module in PGHAN. All trainees wishing to acquire accreditation must now do this prospectively, as retrospective recognition has finished.

I am currently continuing the work Bim has started on a SPIN module for consultants post CCT. When available evidence can be submitted retrospectively until 2016, so if you are considering this, please keep evidence that will be useful. This is going to be very similar to the trainee SPIN module, so please consult this to guide what evidence to collate.

For those of you who don’t know me I am a paediatric gastroenterologist in Stoke-on-Trent. Our department provides lots of paediatric gastroenterology services including endoscopy, but does not offer home PN. I am keen to develop networks and work on getting children and young people the high quality PGHN services they deserve where ever they live, and of course that is dependent on high quality PeGHAN services led by yourselves. I worked on the standards document that describes what services should be available in network centres with PeGHAN consultants with Mike Cosgrove and other PeGHAN consultants. We were keen to avoid being prescriptive about how services were delivered, whilst ensuring standards were high for patients. Thanks to all who were involved, particularly Mike who was an excellent chair.

I attended the BSPGHAN strategy day in Birmingham on 28th April and was pleased to see that equity of access to services is a priority for BSPGHAN Council too. Other topics covered were the intestinal failure registry (as eBANS) please make sure any shared care PN patients are registered on this. It is for non PN enteral feeding patients too. I believe Andy Barclay is going to be designating regional leads for eBANS who can help you go about registering patients and getting involved. You will be able to access your own data for feedback which will be valuable.

Planning for the next Winter Meeting is underway, Chris Spray is working hard with Rafeeq Mohammed on an excellent programme. I have contacted them to remind them that we have experienced members who can contribute, particularly on the commoner GI and nutrition problems.

The BSPGHAN website has been a big success but has very little information from or for PeGHAN members. If you have links or information you feel should be included please get in touch. I am going to write some information about our group to go on there soon. Feel free to circulate this email to colleagues who are interested. Any BSPGHAN PeGHANs who are not on the mailing list let Carla or myself know.

You can email me at or for a speedier reply via my work email


This curriculum / competency framework is aimed towards paediatrics trainees in Level 3 training (ST6 to ST8) to gain expertise in paediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition (PGHAN), to achieve the required competencies in order to be employed as a consultant paediatrician with an interest in PGHAN. This document gives guidance on specific competencies PGHAN trainees will need to acquire in order to be signed off for this module. Trainees should work closely with their supervisor towards achieving this.

An assessment checklist tailored towards PGHAN will be used (see Appendix 1), with a final sign-off upon successful completion of the module. After successful completion, this document also needs to be uploaded onto e-portfolio. Please note that the trainee also has to achieve all the competencies in the Level 3 General Paediatric Framework. After completion of the SPIN curriculum and successful assessment of competencies, a certification process still to be agreed by the RCPCH is desirable.

Bim Bhaduri
Chair PeGHAN Group
January 2014